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Gyro Air - Our Fleet


Gyro Air Limited presently operates two HS-125 Business Jets but intends to increase the fleet size in the near future as market trend dictates.

The Hawker HS-125 was one of the British aviation industry’s most successful postwar designs, and the most successful first generation business jet. It has a 400 – two 14.9kN (3360lb) RollsRoyce Viper 522 turbojet engines.

Performance: Long range cruising speed is 724km/h (390kt). Initial rate of climb 4800ft/min. Range with 454kg (1000lb) payload and reserves 2835km (990nm). Typical operating Weight when empty is 5557kg (12,260lb), max takeoff 10,569kg (23,300lb), with a wing span of 14.32m (47ft 0in), length is 14.42m (47ft 5in), and height 5.26m (17ft 3in).

Capacity: Flight crew of two with a maximum cabin seating for 12 persons.